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The Game

"Wings of Vi" (Vi pronounced as /viː/) is a challenging 2D platformer in which the player controls the angel Vi, tasked with defeating the Demon Lord Jeh’Oul after he is freed from captivity.

The game takes inspiration from "I Wanna Be The Guy", "Megaman", "Cave Story", and "Castlevania", along with a host of masochistic retro platformers, while cutting out the arbitrary difficulty in favor of skill based gameplay. The game aims to capture the attention of the same core group of players as its spiritual precursor, "I Wanna be the Boshy ", including the hardcore platformer lovers and the speedrunning community, all while appealing to a broader audience through a variety of difficulty levels and modifiers .

"Wings of Vi" is an interesting mix between challenge, story and with room for both exploring and tricky platforming.
The game is now available on Steam.


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28th January 2019
The next game from Solgryn- Roah:

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