Underworld entry

Underworld entry

The Underworld is the next Area after Sinister Grotto.


  • Falling memory
  • Kratarac memory
  • Portal memory
  • Ancient Constructs memory


Amethyst: We made it.
Vi: What is this place?
Amethyst: This is the Underworld.
Once a lush, blooming forest, it's now been corrupted by Jeh'Oul's ever expanding army of demons.
The entrance to the Acropolis shouldn't be far from here...
Our situation is a bit problematic, Rubi is in bad shape and we can't leave her here unable to defend herself.
Rubi: What do we do? We need to get the demon lair.
Amethyst: I have an idea.
(Amethyst creates a crystal and gives it to Vi.)
Amethyst: Take this with you, I'll be able to teleport with Rubi to the crystal's position.
Vi, go forth, and find the Acropolis. Tap the crystal to let me know you made it.
You've been able to overcome the toughest of obstacles; I believe in you, Vi. Godspeed.

New skillEdit

Wings of vi mejoras dash




  • Old
Enemy Image Descripcion
Charrer Wings of vi enemigos charrer
  • HP: 6
  • Teleports to a random location after attacking
  • Deals 15 damage with 2 fireballs that leave flames on the ground when they don't directly hit
  • contact hurts for 10 HP
Conving Wings of vi enemigos conving
  • HP: 6
  • Deals 20 contact damage
  • Flies towards Vi
  • New
Enemy Image Descripcion
Centaur Wings of vi enemigos centaur
  • HP: 35
  • Defend the way (to a key in the Underworld )
  • Using a fire ball
Corrupted Treant Wings of vi enemigos corrupted treant
  • HP: 10
  • Whips its branches towards Vi, which deal 15 damage
  • Moves on the ground when Vi is nearby
¿? Wings of vi enemigos unknown
  • HP: 2
  • Flying but not moving
  • contact damage 15HP
Kratarac Spawn Wings of vi enemigos kratarac spawn
  • Invincible
  • "Flying" into Vi's direction
  • Instant kill
Skeletal Lingerer Wings of vi enemigos skeletal lingerer
  • HP: 7
  • Flies around and dashes towards Vi
  • By hit: 20 hp damage


Boss Image Description
Kratarac Wings of vi enemigos kratarac Separate Article
Ancient Constructs Wings of vi enemigos ancient constructs Separate Article

Strick AchievementsEdit

Name Boss name Reward (items) Reward [Flawless]
Grave icon
"Grave Danger!"
Kratarac Accessory Companion
Ancient constuct icon
"Stone Cold Killer!"
Ancient Constructs Head and skin Wings

Items to foundEdit

Wings of vi personalizacion fire head

Head: Fire head

Wings of vi personalizacion fire wings

Wings: Fire wings

Wings of vi personalizacion skeletal lingerer tail

Tail: Skeletal Lingerer tail

Wings of vi personalizacion angel bikini

Outfit: Angel bikini

Wings of vi personalizacion boshy

Companion: Boshy

Items to unlockEdit

Wings of vi personalizacion construct eye

Head: Construct Eye

Wings of vi personalizacion stone wings

Wings: Stone wings

Wings of vi personalizacion kratarac

Accesory: Kratarac

Wings of vi personalizacion stone skin

Skin: Stone skin

Wings of vi personalizacion pet rock

Companion: Pet Rock

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