Twin Orcs entry

Battle start

What do you think, sis'? Let's have some fun!
Violet haired Orc

Twin Orcs are the second Boss in The Acropolis of Anguish (The Chambers).


Maxine (Red haired orc):Edit

  • Offensive
    • Jump - Jumps towards Vi in an attempt to land on her.
    • Smash - Smashes her axe down towards Vi.
  • Support
    • Wolf - Throws a wolf to help in the battle.
    • Fire smash - Smashes her axe to the ground which creates a fire that moves on the ground.
    • Spear throw - Throws three spears that can be shot, if they are not shot they will leave a flame.

Macie (Violet haired orc):Edit

  • Offensive
    • Jump - Jumps towards Vi in an attempt to land on her.
    • Smash - Smashes her mace down towards Vi. (Is faster than the red haired orc.)
  • Support
    • Mace tower - Summons a mace from the ceiling that shoots spikes.
    • Mace throw - Throws a double mace that can be slid under.
    • Mace chain - Throws a mace connected to a chain that she holds, this will circle twice around the area.

Rage (both)Edit

  • Jumps to each side of the arena.
    • Continuously smashes their weapons towards the floor, giving little space to dodge.
  • Jumps to each side of the arena, deploying shields.
    • Tries to jump on Vi.
  • On their own platforms
    • Throws out maces that bounce around the area.

Healing/Health Edit

  • HP [Each]: 140/???/???
  • If one orc is defeated but the other one isn't, the defeated orc will start healing. If it reaches 30% health it will rise and continue battling.

Special Edit

  • Traps will randomly hang from the ceiling, capturing Vi and paralyzing her upon contact.


Maxine: Well, well... what have we here?
An angel. It's been a long time since we've seen any of your kind around these parts...
Macie: Yes, a very long time...
What do you think, sis'? Let's have some fun!
Maxine: Unquestionably, dear sister, my axe THIRSTS for angel flesh!


Wings of Vi Twin Orcs Flawless (Mortal Difficulty)

Wings of Vi Twin Orcs Flawless (Mortal Difficulty)

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Orc icon
"Double Trouble!"
Defeat the Twin Orcs Accessories and head
Orc icon
"Double Trouble:Flawless!"
Defeat the Twin Orcs without taking any damage Outfit


Wings of vi personalizacion devil horns

Head: Devil horns

Wings of vi personalizacion orc armor

Outfit: Orc amor

Wings of vi personalizacion axe

Accesory: Axe

Wings of vi personalizacion mace

Accesory: Mace

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only boss with a healthbar that is purple.
    • This is also the only boss with multiple healthbars where all of them need to be depleted.
  • Although the violet haired orc clearly can be seen with red eyes in her profile, she has violet eyes in the game.
  • The little jingle at the beginning of the battle is not heard in the soundtrack.
  • This boss was never announced or shown by Solgryn until the end of the Wings of Vi trailer.


  • Head reward isn't available (Patch 1.09)


Red orc profile

Red hair Orc's profile

Violet orc profile

Violet hair Orc's profile

In game orc achievement

In game "Double Trouble!" achievement icon

Vi orc Axe

Vi with Orc Outfit and Axe. The Devil Horns are from defeating Myougi II

Orc renegeration

Red hair Orc during healt renegeration

Wolf corpse glitch

Invisible Wolf's corpse glitch

Freezed Wolf glitch

Freezed Wolf glitch

Featuring Wolf front face

Featuring Wolf's front face


  • (20/02/15) Patch 1.09: The Twin Orcs will now trigger depending on which side you start in the fight, instead of randomly

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