Terravine 2014

Terravine close before attacking

Terravine is, depending on the player's path, the 5th or 6th boss in the game.

It's also the second - and last - boss in the Sinister Grotto.


  • HP: 220/?/? 

Attacks Edit

  • Touch - 19/25/38 HP
  • Terravine Spawn - ?/20/30 HP (On contact) ?/15/23 HP (When shot)
  • Ground Vines - ?/20/30 HP
  • Centrifugal pellets
    • Purple - ?/5/8 HP (Has a poison effect that slowly drains ?/5/8 HP for a limited period of time)
    • Yellow - Paralyzer, causes Vi to run slower, jump lower heights and to stay still when sliding.
    • Green - Soporific, causes Vi to fall asleep, rending her very vulnerable to damage.
  • Slime Puke - ?/20/30
  • Laser Beams - ?/20/30
  • Stalactites - ?/20/30
  • Death Ray - 50/100/100
  • Minecart - Counter-attack, stops the Death Ray once. 3 chances.

Rage (Demon mode only) Edit

  • After every Death Ray, the boss will use its Rage attack once.
  • Rage Mix
    • Vines - 30 HP
    • Laser - 30 HP
    • Stalactites - 30 HP

Example GameplayEdit

Wings of Vi - Terravine (Mortal Mode)

Wings of Vi - Terravine (Mortal Mode)

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Terravine icon
"Kick Grass!"
Defeat Terravine Head
Terravine icon
"Kick Grass: Flawless!"
Defeat Terravine without taking any damage Skin color
Terravine icon
Defeat Terravine with at least one minecart left in the room. -



  • Toolbox (Outfit - Darkheim Robes) + Entrance into the Underworld


Wings of vi personalizacion flower


Wings of vi personalizacion terravine skin

Terravine skin

Trivia Edit

  • Terravine is one of 4 bosses without an intro, the others being Electram, Kratarac and the Ancient Constructs.
  • Terravine is one of 2 bosses with a time limit (the Death Ray can't be countered more than 3 times), the other one is the Dark Annihilator.
  • After defeating Terravine, the player must use the help of Amethyst to pass through a magical barrier. Attacking the barrier does nothing, and touching it will only make Vi jump back to the left.
  • Despite falling down the hole after defeating him, there are no traces of Terravine in the Underworld.



Vi and Terravine (2013)

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