SJO battle

The first moment

On this page you will informations about the fight agains Supreme Jeh'Oul
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HP: ~1650/???/???

From the EnviromentEdit

  • Vi losing 1Hp per second (get regenerate into 17Hp by Fiola's healing bubbles)
  • Standing on a platform (too long) generate the "Fyrig Circle" which can ignite Vi. The longer Vi stands inside the circle, the clearer it becomes, once you stand for long enough, it will turn purple and will cause burning damage.

From Supreme Jeh'OulEdit

  • When in the middle, can throw bomb bubbles that will hover at the top and then quickly descend at random angles
  • When on the sides, fires a laser down and moving up
  • Super Scream - must stand inside Ira's shield (Usually is instant death, however, it can be survived if you make it to the shield before it fully drains your health, but it does paralyze you if you survive it that way)
  • "Snake punch"
  • Will bite and cross a platform
  • After two or three attacks at a give position, will move towards a new position. His new position is noted by the transparent red eye over each hole, and gets decided when he appears on his position (the position of the eye is where he will move to after he is done on his current position).
  • Will move up outside of the screen while spawning death eyes around the arena. Amethyst will spawn an ice spike near where she currently is. After a few seconds, Jeh'Oul will come crashing down, and if he hits Amethyst's spike, he will freeze midair and she will hit him with a death beam, changing sides on the arena afterwards. The falling Jeh'Oul must still be dodged by sliding to avoid taking damage, and requires a certain timing to avoid (you will notice the screen shakes when this attack initiates, he is roughly timed to fall at about the 5th shake of the screen after his tail moves completely out of the screen - the screen still shakes a couple times while he is going up, but it may be a bit difficult to focus then). If you move around the arena the shake will not be really noticeable and you might miss your timing, so it might pay off to learn the timing by heart as well!

During rage:

  • When in the middle, will throw two sets of bubbles one after the other
  • When on the sides, fires a laser down and moving up, then moves laser back down
  • Bite attack will generate a worm enemy which must be killed
  • Fyrig circles appear on both platforms instead of just on one at a time

Example GameplayEdit

Wings of Vi Supreme Jeh'Oul (Mortal difficulty, Flawless)

Wings of Vi Supreme Jeh'Oul (Mortal difficulty, Flawless)

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Supreme Jeh'oul icon
Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul Tail and head
Supreme Jeh'oul icon
"Savior: Flawless!"
Defeat Supreme Jeh'Oul without taking any damage Potion


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Hidden SJO elements

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