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The Gluttony Statue in the Underworld- talking to you if you have missed an item

This page should help you to find the three food items.

None of the food items are found in a chest.


Name Image Location How to get
Chicken Wings of vi objetos chicken The Floating Keep: Aftermath
(Portal memory)
Destroy the wall behind the bed
Fruit Wings of vi objetos apple Terrestrial Vale
(Falling memory)
Slide below so it does not kill Vi. Then pick it up
Mushroom Wings of vi objetos mushroom Sinister Grotto
(Spider memory)
Slide into left

Area: The Floating Keep: Aftermath Edit

Chicken Edit

  • Located in the Portal memory
Chicken 01

(1/3) The first item.

Chicken 02

(2/3) Destroy the wall.

Chicken 03

(3/3) You found a Chicken!

Area: Terrestrial Vale Edit

Fruit Edit

  • Located in the Falling memory
  • Kills Vi if hit

The Fruit.

Area: Sinister Grotto Edit

Mushroom Edit

  • Located in the Spider memory

The place where you have to slide to reach the Mushroom.


The Mushroom.


  • The Fruit-kill is based on the Delicious Fruit of "I Wanna Be The Guy"
  • Upon finding the Chicken, Vi quotes Leeroy Jenkins' last words to his party: "At least I had chicken."
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The Greed Statue talking to you if you missed something

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