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A child prodigy, Rubi was among the first of her generation to master the ability of flight. Her talents here were only eclipsed by her beauty, but sadly she let it all go to her head. While a kind person at heart, Rubi knows how graceful and pretty she is, which can sometimes get the best of her. Thankfully, her childhood friend Vi is always around to keep her in check.~Steam Trading Description
She is also the sister of Amethyst.

As Playable CharacterEdit

Rubi can be playable after beating the game on Angel Mode through the use of the Sassy Potion in the customization menu.

Wings of vi personalizacion sassy potion

Vi using the Sassy Potion.

Rubi sleeping normal speed
Rubi edge
Rubi slide
Rubi item get V2

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
RunVi icon
"Run Vi, Run Like The Wind!"
Beat Rubi in the obstacle course race. Wings


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Rubi's profile- seriously

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Rubi's profile- wondering

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Rubi's profile- crying

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Steam Emoticon: Rubi wink

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Steam Trading Card

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