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The fight start with Pr' gora

...I made this lovely creature just for you
Myougi on Pr'gora talking to Vi

Pr'gora was created by Myougi.

The second boss in game. It's encountered at the end of The Floating Keep: Aftermath

Pr'gora : Edit

  • HP: 55/100/???
  • Pukes blood. Usually shortly after most attacks or after going into rage mode, to close out the attack opening windows a bit.
  • Can summon a powerful wind and launch long lines of blood at you which you either have to slide under on jump over. This attack doesn't get much harder in enrage mode it seems, although it looks slightly different.
  • Does a fast sweep from the right to left three times in a row. Can be easily jumped over.
  • Does a slow sweep trying to grab you with its talons that can be avoided by sliding off the edge. (This attack does not have a dedicated grabbing animation although if you look at Rubi you can imagine how it would end up for you if it did) In enrage mode it shoots out a bunch of tiny blood droplets at you after each beam.
  • Has a laser beam, it starts at your position so it can be manipulated. Shoots two separate beams in one attack. In enrage mode follows up each beam with more tiny blood droplets
  • Does a stomp attack, although Rubi should be worried about this one more than you because it is easy to avoid. in enrage mode it does the stomp twice.
  • Can fly. (Although the practical use of wings bare to the bone are debatable)
  • Can light fire on the ground for a short period of time when using the triple sweep while enraged.
  • Each body part is a separate hitbox so if you use Lust or Gluttony you can pretty much double/triple your damage output if you aim well.
  • It goes into rage mode on Angel/Mortal modes at 40% HP or below, but it does finish the attack it is doing first with the only exception being the triple sweep as it will cancel out a few sweeps if you get it down to that range during the attack.


Wings of Vi Boss Pr'Gora

Wings of Vi Boss Pr'Gora

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Pr'gora icon
"First Blood!"
Defeat Pr'gora Wings
Pr'gora icon
"First Blood: Flawless!"
Defeat Pr'gora without taking any damage Skin color


Wings of vi personalizacion skeletal wings

Skeletar wings

Wings of vi personalizacion demon skin

Demon skin

Gallery Edit

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Pr'gora in cocon

Wings of vi PrGora update 22

Pr'gora with Rubi

Wings of Vi Badge 4

Steam Badge level 4 "Hellspawn"

Pr'Gora profile

Pr'gora's profile(Alpha 5; 2013). Removed from game

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Pr'gora with Rubi (Alpha 5; 2013)

Pr'gora alpha4.20 win

Pr'gora defeated (2013)

PrGora Old wings of vi

The game version from June 2012


The Evolution of Pr' gora

The Evolution of Pr' gora


The name is switched between "Pr'gora" and "Pr'Gora".

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