Kratarac battle have started.

Kratarac is one of the fastest Bosses in the game.


  • HP: 110/???/???
  • Overall:
    • Kratarac's body

Deals 15 HP damage by touch on angel and 20 on mortal

  • Horizontally moving section with Kratarac being on the Right/Left side of the screen while you have to try and stay on moving platforms on the opposite side:
    • Fire floor:
      • By touch: 11 HP damage on angel and 15 on mortal
      • Is possible to hit the ground and don't get damage, although getting sent flying at the boss by the ground acting as a treadmill is also possible, consequently if that happens sometimes you get stuck in between the boss and the ground and can only watch yourself slowly die as you do nothing to help.
      • The edge of the floor has some spikes on the part where you transition using the wings of power, so it should be noted that flying barely above ground during the transition is a very bad idea, also if you miss your landing on the platforms, you die, but as of patch 1,13 missing your landing on the second vertical part just skips it altogether making the fight continue playing a horizontal section with Kratarac on the left side.
    • little Stones lavine
      • By touch: 15 HP damage, 20 on mortal
      • Can be knocked into Kratarac which makes 10 HP damage and pushes it back a little making it slightly easier to dodge heads for a short time
    • Kratarac spawns: 15 HP damge on angel, 20 on mortal (Get used to seeing these, you're gonna loath a specific instance involving one of these later on in the game)
  • Falling down:
    • Explosion attack, stay in them middle and jump for this one, you can tell when it is going to happen when the left and right heads light up at once.
    • Each head single attack. Each head leaves behind a patch of fire for a short time, it dissipates fast enough to be able to stand on the first spot during the third attack. Most commonly starts by hitting either the Left/Right side and then either the middle side or the opposite side. Rarely starts from the middle. Each head lights up before it strikes
    • Kratarac Spawns, will begin this attack when all three heads light up
    • All three heads attacking at once, can be avoided by staying airborne in the hole for the duration, be wary of falling off. Kratarac shakes wildly before doing this.

Example GameplayEdit

Wings of Vi - Flawless Kratarac Mortal Mode

Wings of Vi - Flawless Kratarac Mortal Mode

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Grave icon
"Grave Danger!"
Defeat Kratarac Accessory
Grave icon
"Grave Danger: Flawless!"
Defeat Kratarac without taking any damage Companion


Wings of vi personalizacion kratarac


Wings of vi personalizacion pet rock

Pet Rock


  • 8th June 2016:
    • Kratarac no longer trigger melee attacks.

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