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Battle start

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  • HP: 700/~800/1000
  • Spawns a yellow skull orb that can be repelled by attacking which fills the yellow bar when it touches Vi
  • Shoots 2/3/4 spikes in the air that fall down, jumps to the other side of the arena causing the spikes to get launched up once again
  • Spawns two/three spikes from the ground. These spikes can be attacked and broken, which launches another spike in the air which can be shot towards Jeh'Oul. Deals 40 damage per spike.
  • Jumps to the other side of the arena, if player in contact with the ground will get launched up. Jumps another time in place to tilt the arena to his side.
  • Spawns two/three flying rock eyes that can be killed and thrown towards him.
  • Using smoke exhaust
  • Once the yellow bar fills up, creates a black hole that will suck flying rock eyes that weren't killed from outside the screen, healing him in the process. After that, spikes will begin to get sucked into the portal and must be dodged.
  • Every time the enrages fight speeds up
  • "Dies" at 5%/10% health

Example GameplayEdit

Jeh'Oul Angel Mode

Jeh'Oul Angel Mode

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Demon lord Jeh'Oul icon
"Demon Lord Vanquisher!"
Defeat Jeh'Oul Tail and head
Demon lord Jeh'Oul icon
"Demon Lord Vanquisher: Flawless!"
Defeat Jeh'Oul without taking any damage Wings