Wings of vi personajes ira

Ira- a Princess from a another Kingdom.

Story lineEdit

Saving IraEdit

Vi and Ira- first meet

Vi saving Ira

Vi:Are you okay?!
Ira:Ah! The noises!
Ira:Huh? An angel! Who are you? What happened?
Vi:My name is Vi.
Vi:Jeh'Oul escaped from his captivity, and I'm trying to find my friend who has been captured by the demons.
Ira:Oh, so I must be in the Floating Keep.
Ira:This isn't my home kingdom, you see.
Ira:I'm sorry, my name is Ira. I wish I could help but I'm weak after being trapped in that portal.
Ira:All I have is this feather. It won't help much right now, so you can have it.
(Vi got flutter)
Ira:Don't worry about me, I'll stay here and rest.
Ira:Go find your friend!

Saving Rubi from Pr'goraEdit

Ira explains how Rubi can get her wings back

Vi:Rubi! Are you okay?
Rubi:I'll be okay.. but I can't feel my wings.
Vi:There are... gone.
(Rubi touching her back)
Rubi:My beautiful wings!
Vi:Don't cry. I'm sure we can get them back! ...Somehow.
Ira:Vi, you have to find the Conving that attacked her and defeat it.
Ira:That's the only way to reverse the spell.
Ira:I overheard your conversation and I thought I'd help.
Ira:Convings return to their lair once they have absorbed angelic powers.
Ira:There must be an entrance to the lair somewhere deep inderground.
Ira:Unfortunately, I can't help you. I have to leave and help my own kingdom.
Vi:Thank you for your help, Ira.
Ira:There's no time to waste, farewell.
Rubi:Let's go, Vi.

After fight with Jeh'OulEdit

Ira together with Amethyst and Fiola connecting force and trying to finish Jeh'Oul

(Jeh'Oul is weak from the fight with Vi)
Jeh'Oul:Y-you have no idea what you're dealing with, angel.
Amethyst:The portal worked, Vi!
Amethyst:Jeh'Oul is weakened, now's our chance.
Amethyst:Ready, girls?
Amethyst:Vi, stay behind us!
Amethyst:Let's end this once and for all!
(The Angels connecting force agains Jeh'Oul)
(Jeh'Oul transform into his final form)
(Supreme)Jeh'Oul:Prepare for your imminent denise.
(Supreme)Jeh'Oul:You've yet to see my true power.
Ira:W-what was that?!
Amethyst:As I feared, Jeh'Oul's supreme form is upon us, unfortunately the legends are true.
Amethyst:There's nothing more powerful, nothing more fierce.
Amethyst:Arrogant as he is, he's given us some time to prepare for what is inevitably going to happen.
Amethyst:We're going to fight.
Ira:I specialize in protective magic.
Ira:His offensive abilities are going to be devastating, but I believe I can keep us safe.
Ira:Nothing harmful can go through the shield, from outside or inside of it.
Fiola::Last time we fought, he had an aura of poison that will kill anyone around him, slowly, but surely.
Fiola::I'll use my healing abilities as an antidote to give us more time to fight.
Amethyst:Ira can only protect so many, and we need one to fight and distract Jeh'Oul.
Amethyst:Vi, I believe you're best fit for this as you are with no doubt the strongest of us.
Amethyst:We can still support you while in Ira's shield since our magic isn't harmful.
Amethyst:As we fight, I'll conjure an ice trap that'll hopefully trap him in place, it'll give me enought time to charge up a death beam.
Amethyst:Let's go.
(The Angels going to the last place in game)

During fight w Supreme Jeh'OulEdit

In the last fight agains Supreme Jeh'Oul Ira using a Shield to protect she self, Fiola, Amethyst and Vi (from "Super Scream")

Ira shield

Ira during in (end of the fight)

As playable CharacterEdit

After beating the game on Mortal Mode you can get a Potion which makes Vi looking like Ira

Wings of vi personalizacion clumsy potion

After using Clumsy Potion

Ira sleeping
Ira slide
Ira edge
Ira item get


Ira 2.0 profile neutral

Ira profila- neutral

Ira 2.0 profile smile

Ira profile- smile

Ira 2.0 profile noise

Ira's "noise" profile

Vi as Ira sprites przewalski

Clumsy Potion sprites

Ira noise profile

Ira's "noise" profile(2013)

Vi and Ira 2013

Vi and Ira (Alpha 4.20)

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