WoV clear Need to Clean-Up (2013-2017)

Minions of Jeh'Oul sent out to aid him in his invasion of the angelic kingdom. While weak, they appear in great numbers and overwhelm their opponent.
"Hellspawn" Steam Trading Card Description

In each area Vi will encounter numerous lesser enemies as well as a few powerful bosses.

The majority of foes are monsters, which will damage Vi if they come in contact, however humanoid foes won't damage her and can thus be walked through.

Text in bold indicates that the enemies only have this ability in demon mode.

Area: The Floating Keep: Aftermath Edit

Monsters Edit

Enemy Image Descripcion
Charrer Wings of vi enemigos charrer
  • HP: 2/4/5
  • Teleports to a random location after attacking
  • Shoots 1/2/2 fireballs that deals 11/15/23 damage on contact and leave a flame that causes 11/15/? damage
  • Afterburn from flame deals 8 damage 5 times. Total: 40 damage
  • 8/10/23 contact damage
Conving Wings of vi enemigos conving
  • HP: 4/6/9
  • Deals 15/20/30 damage
  • Flies towards Vi
  • Dashes towards Vi
Demon Dog Wings of vi enemigos demon dog
  • HP: 2/3/5
  • Deals 11/15/? damage, runs and jumps towards Vi
Demon Eye Wings of vi enemigos demon eye
  • HP: 1
  • Spawns in mass
Demon Hand Wings of vi enemigos demon hand
  • HP:
  • Immobile
  • Deals 38/50/75 damage, regularly extends upwards
Eater Wings of vi enemigos eater
  • HP: ∞
  • Immobile
  • Instakill (Life orb on Angel mode)
Emitter Wings of vi enemigos emitter
  • HP: 12/20
  • Immobile
  • Deals ?/60/90 damage, periodically shoots dark energy orbs that travel horizontally a set distance


Platforms Edit

Trap Image Descripcion Animation
Flagile stones
  • Fragile stone: pressure withstand a half second
FloatingKeep puzzle


Demon Egg Edit

Demon egg variations

Different variations of Demon Eggs

  • can't hurt;
  • can't move;
  • low health.

Bosses Edit

Boss Image Description
Myougi Wings of vi personajes myougi Separate Article
Pr'Gora Wings of vi enemigos prgora Separate Article

Area: Terrestrial Vale Edit


Green Demon Egg Edit

Green demon egg

A green demon egg

  • cannot hurt;
  • can't move;
  • low health.
Enemy Image Descripcion
Demon Worm Wings of vi enemigos worm
  • HP:
  • charges towards Vi when in its line of sight
  • only moves across the ground
  • does 25 contact damage
Green Wasp Wings of vi enemigos green wasp
  • safe in it's cocoon
  • HP: 4
  • shoots single slow-flying green balls, which do 15 damage, in Vi's direction
  • contact hurts for 20 HP
  • moves randomly in air, follows Vi
Stone Demon Wings of vi enemigos stone demon
  • HP: 4
  • throws single stones in Vi's direction
  • stands still


Shreder Edit

Shredder down


Shredder up

Shredder up

  • Defeat when contact.

Spikes Edit



Spikes on switcher

Spikes on switcher

Spikes on rotator

Spikes on windmill

  • Windmills hurt and in other cases can cause defeat.

Special Skull MachinesEdit

Machine Image Descripcion Animation


  • Meeting only at the beginning the Area
  • Can only fly straight up
  • When contact, it explodes and deals 26 HP damage
Air Protector Wings of vi enemigos air protector
  • HP: 6
  • Flies randomly
  • Shoots bolts, which hurt for 20 HP, in a circular pattern
  • When contact, it deals 25 HP damage
  • Spawn from 1 to max 12
Air protector
Skull Shooter Wings of vi enemigos skull shooter
  • Invulnerable
  • Defends a passage
  • Periodically, every 4 seconds, fires a series of 8 bullets, which kill Vi instantly on hit
  • Bullets cause screenshake on hit
  • When contact, it deals 35 HP damage
Skull shooter

Others Edit

The first water level

The first water level


  • Bottomless bodies are hazardous when falling of screen

Bosses Edit

Boss Image Description
Electram Wings of vi enemigos electram Separate Article
Amethyst Wings of vi personajes amethyst Separate Article

Area: Sinister GrottoEdit


Enemy Image Descripcion
(Cave) Bat Wings of vi enemigos bat
  • HP: 6
  • Flies in curves towards Vi
  • contact hurts for 20 HP
Spider Wings of vi enemigos spider
  • HP: 6
  • runs and jumps towards Vi
  • contact hurts for 20 HP
Terravine Spawn Wings of vi enemigos terravine spawn
  • HP: 4
  • Immobile
  • Attack: shoots two flying green balls towards Vi, which do 15 damage each


We meet some from "Terrestrial Vale".

Spikes Edit

Tooth like spikes

Grotto spikes

  • Tooth-like spikes
  • Instantly kills Vi by touch

Laser Circuit Edit

Laser circuit frag

Laser circuit part

Laser circuit

Laser circuit on

Laser circuit off

Laser circuit off

  • Laser instantly kills Vi by touch
  • Bolt-operated buttons turn the lasers off for 3 seconds

Mine Edit

Water Mine

Water Mine

Water Mine

  • On touch explodes and hurts for 50 HP


Spikes water minus26hp

An example windmill underwater


  • The spikes makes 26 HP damage


Minecart Edit



  • A tool for mobility
  • During use can be traps


Boss Image Description
Dark Annihilator Wings of vi enemigos dark annihilator Separate Article
Terravine Wings of vi enemigos terravine Separate Article

Area: The UnderworldEdit


Some of the earlier enemies appear again: Edit

-Demon mounth


Enemy Image Descripcion
Centaur Wings of vi enemigos centaur
  • HP: 35
  • Defends the way (to a key in the Underworld )
  • Using a fire ball
Corrupted Treant Wings of vi enemigos corrupted treant
  • HP: 10
  • Whips its branches towards Vi, which deal 15 damage
  • Moves on the ground when Vi is nearby
Turtl ? Wings of vi enemigos unknown
  • HP: 2
  • Flying but not moving
  • contact damage 15HP
Kratarac Spawn Wings of vi enemigos kratarac spawn
  • Invincible
  • "Flying" into Vi's direction
  • Instant kill
Skeletal Lingerer Wings of vi enemigos skeletal lingerer
  • HP: 7
  • Flies around and dashes towards Vi
  • By hit: 20 hp damage

Traps Edit

Spikes Edit

Spikes underworld

Spikes of Underworld

  • Tooth-like
  • Kill Vi instantly on touch

Fire pillar Edit

Underworld Fire pillar

A fire pillar of Underworld

  • Occasionally flares a pillar upward
  • Does fire damage when touched


Black holeEdit

Black hole

Black hole

Black hole sucking a bolt1

Catching a bolt

Black hole sucking a bolt2

Sucking the bolt

Black hole2

Last phase

  • By touch:
    • Angel mode: does 50 damage and returns you on a safe platform just like other lethal traps
    • Mortal and Demon mode: instantly kills Vi
  • Absorbs Bolts of Purity

Stone LavineEdit

Stone lavine

A lavine of Stones

  • Defeat by touching


Boss Image Description
Kratarac Wings of vi enemigos kratarac Separate Article
Ancient Constructs Wings of vi enemigos ancient constructs Separate Article

Area:The Acropolis of AnguishEdit

  • Old enemies:
    • Conving
    • Charrer
    • Emitter
Enemy Image Descripcion
Brute Wings of vi enemigos brute
  • Moves in a set pattern, forward and back
  • Cannot be killed
  • Shoots a purple burst of laser at Vi when infront of the Brute, which hurts 50 HP
  • Contact hurts for 35 HP
Hell Mine Wings of vi enemigos hell mine
  • Invincible
  • Flying (slowly) in Vi's direction
Maggot Wings of vi enemigos maggot
  • HP: 5
  • Fast
  • Can climb on walls
Maggot Queen Wings of vi enemigos maggot queen
  • HP: 12
  • Not moving
  • Spawns Maggots.
Wolf Wings of vi enemigos wolf
  • HP: 6
  • Running fast
  • can not jump



  • Instantly kills Vi by touch


Boss Image Description
Myougi II Wings of vi personajes myougi Separate Article
Twin Orcs Wings of vi enemigos twin orcs Separate Article

Area: Path of DecayEdit


  • Old:
    • Confing
    • Charrer
    • Eater
    • Stone Demon
    • Skeletal Lingerer
    • ¿?
    • Centaur
    • Brute
  • New:
Enemy Image Descripcion
Hell Worm Wings of vi enemigos hell worm
  • HP: 8
  • Spawning from a hole
  • Flying in circle ways


PoD spikes

Spikes in Path of Decay

  • Black holes
  • Spikes


Fragile bones

Fragile bones

Fragile bonesEdit

  • pressure withstand a half second

Bones snakeEdit

  • Mobile platforms


Boss Image Description
Azurel Wings of vi personajes azurel Separate Article

Area: Heart of the BanefulEdit


  • Only old:
    • Conving
    • Charrer
    • Hell worm


  • Spikes

Violet lavaEdit

Violet lava

Lava in the Heart of Banefull

  • Same like lava, kills Vi by touch

Poison gasEdit

Poison gas

Poison gas comming from the side

  • Instantly kills Vi by touch


  • Black holes
Ame iceblock

Amethyst's ice block

Amethyst's ice blocksEdit


Boss Image Description
Jeh'Oul Wings of vi enemigos jehoul Separate Article
Supreme Jeh'Oul Wings of vi enemigos supreme jehoul Separate Article


Wings of Vi Card 5

"Hellspawn" Steam Trading Card

Wings of Vi Foil 5

"Hellspawn" Steam Foil

Tender 2014 2

Demon Hand on the ceiling

Shot plant 1

Terravine spawn by attacking

Corrupted threant by tree

Corrupted Treant-idling

Corrupted threant invicible

Corrupted Treant-invicible

Curuppted treant moving

Corrupted Treant-"not sleeping"


A room with a key

Lock need key

The first lock in the game. The key over are not exist




Demon Hand (not extended)(Alpha 5; 2013)


Demon Hand (extended)(Alpha 5; 2013)

Robar 1

Worm(Alpha 5; 2013)

Robal 2

Worm attacking(Alpha 5; 2013)

Special guest

Brute in Terrestrial Vale (Alpha 5; 2013)

Special guest attacking-25

Brute attacking (Alpha 5; 2013)

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