Electram entrance

Vi meets Electram

Sometimes, I hear ram sounds in the distance.
Villager talking to Vi about Electram.

Electram is the third boss in the game, and the first boss in Terrestrial Vale.


  • HP: 69/110/???
  • Electram's attacks do 15 damage on Angel difficulty, 20 damage on Mortal difficulty, and 30 damage on Demon difficulty
  • All of the attacks are described in their Mortal mode variants
  • Charge: Electram runs back and forth on the platform, dealing contact damage.
  • Leap: Electram jumps up high towards the player's position, and shoots short range electric orbs out to the left and right before dashing towards the player's newest position and leaping again.
  • Lightning Bolt: Electram will attack three times, either jumping to shoot lightning out in every available space above the player, or casting a single lightning bolt at ground level.
  • Lightning Orbs: Electram runs to the left side of the platform and jumps onto his spike podium. He will cast out three waves of lightning orbs that will move up and down at random frequencies, during which time he is invincible
  • At 40% HP, Electram jumps onto his podium and casts lightning down on the player, indicated by red beams. The pattern is always the same. After this, he enters a frenzied state, increasing his movement and attack speed.


Wings of Vi - Electram (Mortal Mode)

Wings of Vi - Electram (Mortal Mode)

Related AchievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Electram icon
Defeat Electram Head and tail
Electram icon
Defeat Electram without taking any damage Skin color




Wings of vi personalizacion electram tail

Electram tail

Wings of vi personalizacion electram skin

Electram skin

Wings of vi personalizacion electram horns

Electram horns




Electram on his rock

Electran on his rock (Alpha 4.20; 2013)

Electram bug

A bug from version 1.07 (called also Patch 1.07) Fixed in next patch

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