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Character Image Description
Vi Vi sprite default2017 The protagonist in the game that is controlled by the player. She's best friends with Rubi, when Jeh'Oul was freed from prison she had to make her way to his lair and defeat him, facing many obstacles along the way. She attacks with the Staff of Purity that she got from Rubi during the escape from The Floating Keep. Little is known about her parents other than they died sealing Jeh'Oul in said prison.
Rubi Rubi splite1

Vi's best friend and the tritagonist in the game, Rubi gets captured by a Conving during the escape from The Floating Keep, leaving the Staff of Purity behind. When found, it is found that she lost her wings to the Conving, and is determined to help Vi in the quest to defeat Jeh'Oul. Althought pretty useless in the game, she is a main plot point. She is playable with the sassy potion.

Ira Ira wrzocec

A supporting character that is freed from a portal, Ira is the princess of another angelic kingdom, she helps in the final battle against Jeh'Oul by using protective magic. She is playable with the clumsy potion.

Myougi Wings of vi personajes myougi

Demonic daughter of Jeh'Oul and antagonist in the game, Myougi is a satyress that specializes in fire magic, she is fought twice in the game and can be seen multiple times in company of other demonic creatures. She is described as arrogant, clumsy and forgetful, but willing to go far to get things her way. She is playable with the hothead potion.

Amethyst Amethyst sprite17 2b

Rubi's sister and deuteragonist in the game, Amethyst is first seen in a closed of area in Terrestial Vale, possessed by demons. After a battle with her Fiola knocks her out, and in turn removes the possession from her. Amethyst follows Vi on her journey, protecting Rubi, and especially helping Vi in the final stage. She was born without wings, and so she studied hard to make her own synthetic wings, and learned a lot of magic that few others knew. She helps in the final battle against Jeh'Oul by trapping him and dealing serious damage to him.

Fiola Wings of vi personajes fiola

A fairy from the underground and a supporting character, Fiola is seen only on two occasions, in the battle with Amethyst and in the final battle of Jeh'Oul. She helps in the final battle against Jeh'Oul by using healing magic.

Jeh'Oul Wings of vi personajes jehoul

The demon lord and main antagonist in the game, Jeh'Oul was sealed in the angelic prison by Vi's parents. When Vi and Rubi came to taunt him, he raged and set himself free, and initiated a plan to destroy good. He sends his daughter Myougi on various missions, most which are interupted by Vi. His lair is located in the Heart of the Baneful. While sealed in the prison, he has a green skin tone, but when Vi finally arrives he has grown bigger, stronger, and with a purple skin tone, he also has a second form that allows him to fly. In the final battle he is defeated by Vi, Amethyst, Ira and Fiola combining their best skills against him.

Azurel Wings of vi personajes azurel

Queen of the Path of Decay, Azurel stops Vi from freeing Amethyst by disguising as Rubi, she claims Rubi is held prisoner somewhere else, and that killing her would be too nice.

Darkheim villagersEdit

  • Area: Terrestrial Vale;
  • Names are unknown;
  • A total of over 7;
  • Everyone has their own lines;
  • In one house, a villager has a dog - here you will get the skill: double jump;
  • In another house, a villager is moving back and forth- if you talk with him, he will give a Companion: Bunny
Darkheim female profile

Female Guard profile

Darkheim male profile

Male Guard profile

Female guard 2014 body

Female Guard

Male guard 2014 body

Male Guard


One day Vi and her friend, Rubi go to the ceaseless prison in heaven, where a powerful evil being is held in custody. Their visit leads to the chains being broken and the evil is set free to wreak havoc upon the world.

Related achievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
RunVi icon
"Run Vi, Run Like The Wind!"
Beat Rubi in the obstacle course race. Wings
Darkheim icon
"Wrong Place, Wrong Time!"
Talk to a person who hid themself in the caves. -

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The Evolution of the heroines


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Male Angel

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Unknow Ira-like Angel

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Darkheim male talking

Male Guard talking in Cave

Wings of Vi Badge 2

Steam Badge Level 2 "Mortal"


Comparison of growth(2013)


Vi's and Rubi's profiles with emotions. And Ira's once(2013)

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Unknow angel #1 (2013)

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Unknow angel #2 (2013)

Male guard 2

Male guard A5.

Male guard profile 2

Male guard profile A5.

Human guards

Female and male guard & GFX update

Male guard alpha 4.20

Male guard profile (Alpha 5;2013)


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