Boshy window 2014

Boshy in the Customize Window

It's Boshy Time !
Boshy spawned in the Customize Window

This page is about anything which include "Boshy" in Name.


"I Wanna Be the Boshy (Boshy for short), is a highly difficult fangame based on IWBTG. It is regarded by the majority of the community as one of the most difficult of the fangames currently released so far; it has a high quantity of RNG-based (randomly generated) events, and a variety of jump scares along the way."
Solgryn created Boshy before Vi was made.
Source:"I Wanna Be The Boshy" Wikia

Boshy as CompanionEdit

Companion boshy


Boshy can be find in a Chest in the Underworld.
The Way to get:

Boshy companion 00

If you see this- this is the Exit

Boshy lingerer-tail path

You will need to dash Up and moving into left

Boshy companion 01 prepare 4 conving

Prepare for a Conving

Boshy companion 02

"It's Boshy Time!"

Vi as BoshyEdit

Boshy only wings&tail to change

As Boshy in window

In the Alpha VersionEdit

It was named as "Costume".
The Way to get:


Vi as Boshy







In the Official GameEdit

To unlock the Masochist potion you must beat the game on Demon mode whilst having completed the task of all the shrines.
Lets you play as Boshy!

Masochist potion

Masochist's potion

Masochists potion

Masochist's potion in action

Steam ElementsEdit

Wings of Vi Emoticon ItsBoshyTime


Wings of Vi Badge Foil

Steam Foil Badge


  • The Chest place with the Boshy-Costume from the Alpha is very similar to the Bunny Tail place.
  • As Boshy you can only change the wings and tail.

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