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Azurel letting Vi prepare for battle

There's no way out.

Azurel is the boss from Path of Decay


  • HP: 60/80/???
  • Flies in a horizontal line. No damage taken by touching Azurel.
  • Has an invicibility shield that triggers after a certain amount of damage has been given within a set time period.
  • Attacks:
    • 2-3 "blue bolts" which go in a 'wave' pattern towards Vi.
    • Shadow Storm - 7 "red bolts" surrounding Vi. There's always one possible escape route. They go towards Vi when attacking.
    • Blue holes. They are spawned and must be destroyed, if not, they will grow and take a lot of space. In Mortal and Demon mode this hole also summons a skeletal hand that reaches out, making it hard to destroy the blue hole.
    • Skeletal hand reaching out from a horizontal moving black hole. This hole disappears after a short amount of time.

Each attack causes 15 points of damage to Vi in angel mode and 20 in Mortal.


  • Elevator platforms
    • Randomly descends.
    • If the Green Souls that appear on the top are touched, they will fall, and rise a platform if they hit one.


After Battle

Azurel: N-nice try...

But your puny holy magic is inadequate!

Vi: Amethyst!

Azurel: Huh?!

Amethyst: Have a taste of your own medicine, hellspawn!

(After destroying Azurel)

Amethyst: You reap what you sow.

Vi: Amethyst, I'm so happy to see you! That was amazing.

But... Rubi's... g-gone.

Amethyst: Yes, I overheard conversation, we need to find and rescue her, Vi.

Azurel held me in the shadow prison all this time.

But when you landed that final blow, the magic was disrupted and I could escape.

I can't believe we were able to defeat Azurel.

If we can find the others and work together, we'll have a good chance at putting the end to Jeh'Oul himself.

I feel more powerful that Azurel is defeated.

I'll be able to contact others and open portal for them.

But this area is disrupting my magic, we need to find a place where I can channel.

Let's move.

(After leaving location)

Amethyst: I feel my magic being disrupted as we approach Jeh'Oul.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep it undercontrol.


Wings of Vi Azurel

Wings of Vi Azurel

Related AchievementsEdit

Name How to Reward
Azurel icon
"Long Live The Queen!"
Defeat Azurel Head and wings
Azurel icon
"Long Live The Queen:Flawless!"
Defeat Azurel without taking any damage Outfit


Wings of vi personalizacion azurel horns

Azurel Horns

Wings of vi personalizacion azurel wings

Wings of Azurel

Wings of vi personalizacion azurel outfit

Outfit of Azurel


Patch 1.1 (19/04/15)Edit

  • Azurel: Red shield lasts longer.
  • Azurel: Minor health increase.
  • Azurel: Souls are now more noticeable.
  • Azurel: Found her tail after all this time.

Azurel softlock on death (sometimes) fix. Crazy smoke fix.

Patch 1.07 (09/12/14)Edit

  • You can now mutate during Azurel's fight.
  • Azurel will no longer deal contact damage.
  • Azurel's life has been increased slightly.
  • Azurel should start shifting platforms earlier.
  • Azurel's 'Wild souls' will spawn more consistently now.
  • Azurel's 'Shadow Storm' has had it's cooldown increased significantly, but now adds multiple stacks. (Angel - 1, Mortal - 2, Demon - 3)
  • Azurel's arena is no longer as dark.


Azurel 1.1

Battle start (Patch 1.1)

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The battle start (Patch 1.09)

Azurel profile

Azurel's profile

Azurel profile laughting

Azurel's profile - Laughing

Azurel nice try profile

Azurel's profile - Nice try

2015-04-12 00030

Azurel without tail (Patch 1.09)


Archive sprite from April 2013

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